An outlook for 2013

A recent article from CNN and Fortune, here, provides some expectations for 2013 in the world of real estate and housing.

  • Property prices will rise: the markets have hit bottom on prices; demand is slowly improving and housing inventories are shrinking, albeit slowly.
  • The fate of housing is more directly dependent on employment and job prospects: for activity to proceed at a positive pace, the national and regional employment rates have to continue to improve.
  • Delinquency rates will continue to decline: payment delinquencies have been declining since 2009 and this will continue
  • Interest rates will remain low: the Federal Reserve has committed the national economy to at least a year and a half of artificially low short-term interest rates.
  • First-time home buyers will return in greater numbers compared to recent years: the number of first-time buyers (typically 25-34 year olds) will increase as job prospects improve and the ratio of cost-of-ownership vs. cost-of-renting declines; the report claims that it is now cheaper to own than to rent in some markets.

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